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Pressure washing for all types of industrial needs including fleet washing, warehouse power washing and more. Call for a free estimate today!

Industrial Pressure Washing Across the North Metro Area!

Peaks Pressure Washing is here to provide you with a professional power washing service for any of your industrial needs.

Owning and managing a fleet of vehicles or large equipment requires regular maintenance, and part of that maintenance is cleaning and washing the equipment.

No matter the size of vehicles or equipment, we’re here to handle the job.

From an entire fleet to one work truck we’ll make sure every surface is spotless and dirt-free. You can trust our crew members and powerful presser washing machines to thoroughly clean each given area.

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Industrial Power Washing Services For Westminster and Beyond!

Work is dirty. But it doesn’t to be. Keep your industrial space or commercial fleet clean with professional pressure washing across Westminster and the north metro area. 

Warehouse Power Washing

Pressure washing for your warehouse means a safer, cleaner and just plain better workspace. We know you’re busy which means we will be in and out as quickly as possible. Call for a free estimate. 

Fleet Pressure Washing

Make your fleet shine! Whether you have a few vehicles or hundreds, our professional team can schedule regular cleaning to make sure your fleet is always looking it’s best. 

Fleet Washing

No matter the size of the job, we can handle it, and that includes any type of equipment or vehicle that makes up your fleet. It’s important to have your vehicles regularly washed because it reflects on how you, the owner, care and treat your trucks. If you’re renting vehicles out, the customer will be more likely to trust you and the vehicle they’re driving if it’s in good appearance, meaning that is doesn’t have any dirt or filth covering the sides.

If you own large trucks that transport good, you want your logo to be fresh and clear wherever the vehicle travels. From small cars to semi’s we’ll make sure every vehicle of your fleet is in sparkling condition.

Truck Washing

Like we stated above, no matter the size, condition, or make of your truck, we’ll make sure it’s spotless and clean. Owning trucks is an important aspect of certain business’, from transporting goods to delivering produce; a clean truck means good delivery. Even if your truck experiences harsh elements on a regular basis, we’ll be here to make it fresh again. Neglected dirt and grime not only looks unprofessional, but it will also start to peel away the paint on your vehicle. It can even cause rusting and early deterioration. Don’t let your vehicles waste away and have them professionally power washed today!

Oil Removal

Whether you’re in a mechanic shop or at a gas station, oil spills are bound to happen. Removing oil is no easy task, and can even be dangerous in certain circumstances. If you have an oil spill on your hands, Arvada Peaks Pressure Washing is here to help! We have the professional equipment and experience to correctly and safely clean any oil mess. We follow every guideline the state sets for safe oil removal so no damage occurs to the surrounding environment.

If an oil spill occurs, make sure to give us a call at once for quick removal and to ensure no injury or harm occurs.

Warehouse Floor Cleaning

Warehouses can easily accumulate dust, dirt, and debris and should be annually power washed. We’ll make sure every part of the warehouse floor is thoroughly cleaned. That means starting out with our biodegradable detergent that will effectively break up the dirt on the surface and sanitize the area. We then use our commercial, top-quality power washing equipment to wash away all the loose dirt and grime. After we’re finished you’ll be left with a dirt-free and sanitary warehouse floor.

Time To Wash!

If you need any of these services done then don’t hesitate to give Arvada Peaks Pressure Washing a call today! We’ll be happy to provide you with more information on what each service entails and what to expect when hiring our company. Contact us now at (303) 558-7027 or simply…

How You’ll Benefit From Peaks Pressure Washing Services of Westminster

The most obvious and most important benefit you’ll receive from our services is a cleaner truck, fleet, or floor. But it’s what sets us apart from the other companies that you’ll benefit the most from…

One factor that sets us higher than competing business’ is our respect and gratitude for our customers. We’re thankful for every job we get hired on to do and try to show our customers our appreciation through the work we do.

Every job we go to, our crew members work efficiently and thoroughly to deliver the best results in the field. We’re not just here to clean your equipment or trucks, but we’re here to ensure that it’s completely sanitized and dirt-free, not even a speck of dust will remain after we’re finished.
We promise that you won’t be disappointed when hiring Arvada Peaks Pressure Washing, but thankful for choosing our company to get the job done. We try our hardest to give you the results you’re looking for, and we look forward to doing business with you soon.