Commercial pressure washing service

Complete power washing for your business or commercial property. Everything you need to keep your business looking amazing!

Commercial Pressure Washing In Westminster Nearby Areas!

Regular power washing can make your business look amazing year round!

A clean working environment and building show customers that the facility they are in is well taken care of and prioritized.

That then reflects on how they believe they will be treated and will know what to expect of you. A dirty, unkempt building will only deter customers, and they will end up finding another competing company to do their business.

As business owners ourselves, we understand how busy your schedule can get. Finding time to make sure the building is clean is a task in itself. That’s why we’re here to help!

Peaks Pressure Washing of Westminster is here to make your building shine; not one part of your property will go unnoticed by our professional crew members.

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Complete Commercial Pressure Washing Services For Westminster and Surrounding Areas!

Your business has to look good- we can help. Don’t settle for dirty sidewalks, patios, awnings, parking lots or anything else! Call today for a free estimate!

Dumpster Area Pressure Washing

Just because it’s the area where trash goes DOES NOT mean it needs to look like it! We can help give your dumpster area a complete overhaul. 

Awning Power Washing

Make your awnings look new again! Awning cleaning should be part of any exterior cleaning plan!

Sidewalk Pressure Washing

Sidewalks, parking lots and similar areas are the first things your customer is going to see. Make sure it’s clean and accurately represents your business!

House Washing

Driveways are one of the easiest aspects of your home to neglect, but also one of the most important to keep clean. Children and pets find themselves playing on the driveway frequently, and any place your kids are you want clean.

A dirty driveway is susceptible to mold and mildew, which is harmful if breathed in. Also, the grime can make the pavement less stable and slicker; making injury more likely if slipped on. Our company will professionally wash away any grime, mold, and mildew on your driveway, making it a safe playing zone once again. Plus, our exceptional cleaning won’t go unnoticed and will add curb appeal to your property.

Building Cleaning

Your building is one of the most important parts of your business, it’s what your customers see and it’s where the work gets done. Because of its significance, the exterior walls and windows should be annually power washed to preserve a cleanly look. Our company will make sure that every nook and cranny is spotless before we’re finished. After the job’s done, our goal is for your building to shine.

Awning Cleaning

Awnings are bright and beautiful accessories to the building and keep rain from splattering onto customers heads. An unwashed awning appears dirty and distasteful and reflects badly on the company. With our power washers and successful cleaning methods, your awnings will be bright and back to full character again! Plus, regular washing protects their lifespan because more dirt and grime cause early wear and tear.

Dumpster Pad Cleaning

Having your dumpster, dumpster pad, and area cleaned is crucial in maintaining a clean, sanitized, and safe work environment. A dumpster will always be dirty, that’s a give in, but if the filth is neglected too long it will attract insects, disease, and rodents. Plus, the foul smell emitting from it will only deter customers from your business. We don’t want that to happen; that’s why we’re here to provide a detailed, professional pressure washing of your dumpster pad and all that surrounds it.

Graffiti Removal

Nothing will leave a bad impression like graffiti, and it should be removed at once. Our professional crew members and powerful pressure washing equipment are able to thoroughly remove any graffiti you have littering your walls. Not only is it distasteful, but to a lot of folks, it is a sign of crime and unsafe neighborhoods. We know that is the last thing you want your business associated with, and we’re here to help by cleaning it.

Gum Removal

On any city walkway, you’ll notice dark stains scattering the sidewalk. Those dark splotches are gum that was carelessly thrown out and left to stain the concrete. Luckily for your business, you don’t have to deal with those when you hire our company! Our power washing equipment is so powerful that the heavy stream of water is able to lift the gum off the concrete and clean the area. You don’t have to worry about gum-covered sidewalks anymore because now you have Arvada Peaks Pressure Washing to help.

Parking Garage Cleaning

Although it’s a place for endless tires and feet to walk over, owning a parking garage means regularly maintaining it and making sure it’s clean. Cleaning a parking garage is a big project to tackle, and that’s why we’re happy to do it for you. We’ll make sure every dirt-filled corner and grime covered walls are spotless and fresh. Our trusted hands won’t balk at the size of the work, but will proud to set their mark on such a large establishment.

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Is your business in need of a professional power washing company to come make it spotless again? You can trust Arvada Peaks Pressure Washing to handle the job! Give us a call today to learn more about the service you’re interested in; one of our representatives will be delighted to chat with you.

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Why Choose Arvada Peaks Pressure Washing For Your Business?

With so many competing power wash companies out there it’s hard to choose which will be the best for you, and it makes you wonder if you should even just do the task yourself.

Arvada Peaks Pressure Washing is the company for you and your business, and here’s why:

· No Hidden Fees: With working with our company you don’t have to worry about any surprise fees being added to your budget. We have a no-nonsense policy and treat every customer with respect and honesty.

· Top-Quality Tools and Equipment: When hiring our services you’re getting the best of the best. That means the highest quality tools and equipment that are made to power wash any given surface effectively and thoroughly.

· Eco-Friendly Chemicals and Biodegradable Detergents: Our company only uses safe, environmentally friendly cleaning solutions that won’t harm your plants, animals, and most importantly, your kids.