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Peaks Pressure Washing is here to meet any power washing needs you have. From residential power washing to industrial fleet washing, we can handle the job. No job is too small or too large for our trusted, hard-working crew members.

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Residential Power Washing

Make your home look amazing every day of the year with professional residential power washing. 

Commercial Power Washing

Whether you have one store or one hundred we can help them all look amazing with complete commercial power washing services. 

Residential Power Washing Services

When we clean your home, we do it with the utmost respect for you and your property. That means that we do every task with gratitude in mind, which then translates to a thorough and prestige clean.

Our residential services include house, driveway, and window cleaning, as well as patio, sidewalk, and paver cleaning. We’ll also make sure your gutters are debris-free and your concrete is free of unappealing rust. Even your fence that has had to face the elements all year will no longer be covered in dirt and grime.

Commercial Power Washing Services

Every business owner knows his building’s appearance is a top priority. If not for its appearance, then it’s cleanliness and sanitation is of the utmost importance. We’re here to deliver that and make sure your building is dirt, grime, and bacteria-free.

Our commercial services include building, awning, and window cleaning. We also offer gum and graffiti removal so that customers know they are entering a safe and clean environment. The less noticed areas of your business, such as the dumpster pad area and the parking garage will also receive a thorough washing.

Industrial Power Washing Services

You can count on Peaks Pressure Washing to handle any job you throw at us, including fleet washing and heavy equipment cleaning. This is how we’re different from the other competing power wash companies; if you need your trucks, equipment, and warehouse washed, we’ll be there to do the job.

Our powerful pressure washers are able to wash away even the most stubborn of dirt, which is exceptionally beneficial when you have a piece of equipment that’s covered in hard-pack dirt. That’s not the only thing we’ll be able to wash away; if you have an oil spill on your hands we’ll be there right away to take control of the situation.

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