federal heights pressure washing service

We’re your local pressure washing pros and we do it all. Residential or commericial we can help. 

Industrial Pressure Washing Across the North Metro Area!

With our powerful pressure washers and trained, respected crew, you can trust your building in our capable hands.

When hiring our services, you’ll experience a clean as you’ve never experienced before. Not one speck of dust will be left after we’re finished. We offer a variety of services to make sure that no part of your business or home is missed by our workers.

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Whatever You Need We Can Help. 

We love helping Federal Heights residents enjoy their home or business even more. Give us a call today for a free estimate or request an estimate online. 

Residential Power Washing

Pressure washing for your warehouse means a safer, cleaner and just plain better workspace. We know you’re busy which means we will be in and out as quickly as possible. Call for a free estimate. 

Commercial Power Washing

Make your fleet shine! Whether you have a few vehicles or hundreds, our professional team can schedule regular cleaning to make sure your fleet is always looking it’s best. 

Residential Services

Whether you’re in the middle of spring cleaning and realized how dirty your exterior walls are or just need a professional company to clean your home, we’re the ones for the job. Our experienced workers will wash every part of your home, adjusting temperature and pressure according to the surface they’re washing.

Our brand name equipment will produce the most efficient results and stay consistent in their power.

The residential services we offer include; fence, driveway, windows, house, gutters, patio, and paver cleaning. We even make sure that rust is completely removed from any surface and that your sidewalks are in spotless condition.

Commercial Services

As business owners ourselves, we understand the importance of regular upkeep and ongoing maintenance. We understand how time-consuming everything can be, and at times, stressful.

Because we’ve been in your shoes we’re here to offer to do some work for you, which means making sure that not only your entire building is clean, but the important aspects that add to it as well.

That includes your awnings, dumpster pad area, windows, and parking garage. Have graffiti on your walls? No problem, we’re here to remove it. We won’t even miss the annoying gum scattered across the sidewalk outside.

Peaks Pressure Washing does all these services to make sure your building is in top condition and to help you, as the owner, maintain a sanitized, spotless business.

Industrial Power Washing Services

We’re not just here to wash buildings, but we’re here to make sure your equipment and vehicles are clean as well. Trucks and heavy equipment are bound to get covered in dirt and grime, especially when working on construction sites and farms. For a short time, dirt can be okay, but we recommend having all your heavy equipment and trucks regularly power washed.

If neglected too long, the dirt can start to wear on the vehicle or equipment, making it not run as smooth and cause early rusting. Regular power washing will prolong your equipment’s lifespan, and we’re happy to provide that service to you.

Our company can take on any size fleet of equipment or trucks; no job is too small or too big for us. Making sure that your logo shines brightly while your company delivers its product is one of our top priorities. We also don’t want you working in a dirty environment, which means we’ll make sure your warehouse floors are dust, dirt, and grime-free!

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Peaks Pressure Washing is the company for you. Even though we’re based in Westminster, we love helping Federal Heights and nearby areas. We won’t try to add any surprise fees to your budget or trick you into paying more like some of our competing companies might do.

We respect our customers and are extremely grateful for your business because when it comes down to it, we’re only here because of you.

So we’re here to offer our thanks, and hope to do business with you soon


Interesting Facts About Federal Heights, Colorado!


· Federal Heights was once inhabited by a Paleo-Indian culture, the Folsom Complex, around 14,000 years ago!

· The Cheyenne and Arapahoe Indians later lived on the land when early explorers, trappers, and gold miners came to claim the area.

· Federal Heights was officially incorporated in 1940.

· As of the 2017 census, the population of Federal Heights is 12,744.