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Driveways, Patios, Porches, Decks, Fences, Roofs and much more. We’re you complete pressure washing solution!

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Peaks Pressure Washing services is your local Edgewater pressure washing services. We can handle jobs of every size and type including: 

  •         Residential Power Washing
  •         Commercial Power Washing
  •         Industrial Power Washing

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Trust Your Local Pressure Washing Pros

Pressure washing shouldn’t be a DIY activity. Commercial equipment works better and in the right hands, it can work cleaning miracles. Trust the local pros and call us today. 

Residential Power Washing

Not only does a clean exterior look better, it also protects one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make: your home. 

Commercial Power Washing

The first thing customers will see is the outside of your business: make sure it looks amazing year round!

Benefits Of Working With A Professional Power Washing Company

You might be debating which will be better for you; hiring a professional power washing company or just doing the job yourself. A lot of people have the same thought, and that’s why we’re here to share with you the benefits of hiring Arvada Peaks Pressure Washing.

1. Top-Quality Tools and Equipment: When choosing to do the task yourself you need to rent a power washer and the necessary tools to complete the job. We’re just going to state this plainly; no equipment you rent will compare to the power and efficiency our equipment has. That’s because they’re top in the industry and designed to make every job successful.

2. Time: Taking on the task of a full house washing or business washing means dedicating long hours to getting it done, especially if it’s a one-man job. That means taking time out of your busy schedule and spending whole weekends to get it done. When hiring our services you don’t have to take any time off, and we’ll get it done in just a day.

3. Professional Quality Work: One of the main reasons to choose our company is because we’ll simply do the best job possible. Our experienced and knowledgeable crew members, along with our equipment, will complete the job successfully and thoroughly. Our biodegradable chemicals lift up dirt from the surface, making it easy to wash away and sanitize the area. No spot will be missed when we come to wash; not even a speck of dust will be left after we’re finished.

Museums Near Edgewater, Colorado

Being the small town that Edgewater is, most of the fun, family-friendly activities are found just a few miles away in the busy city of Denver. One such activity that every one of us should make the time to do is visit local museums. Luckily for the citizens of Edgewater, there are plenty of museums to visit! We’ve provided three nearby museums for you to visit along with their website and directions!

· Wings Over The Rockies Air and Space Museum: Experience the history and present design of planes and the exploration of space at this unique museum! Check out driving directions. 

· Morrison Natural History Museum: Go back in time to the world of dinosaurs with a hands on experience of fossils and present day discoveries!

· Denver Art Museum: Become inspired and amazed at the wide variety of art this museum has to offer, and learn to create art of your own!