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Gutter cleaning matters. Dirty gutters can attract pests and cause damage to your home. Call today to get clean gutters. 

Professional Gutter Cleaning Westminster, CO

NOTE* We can only clean gutters up to two stories in height. We apologize for the inconvenience. 

One aspect of your home that gets commonly overlooked is the gutters. Some don’t even notice a problem until there’s apparent damage done to their gutters, building structure, exterior walls, and landscape.

We’re here to help you out and clean your gutters before it gets to that point.

Peaks Pressure Washing provides quality and professional pressure washing services so that every aspect of your home or business, such as gutters, is properly cleaned and washed.

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Why Clean Gutters Are Better For Your Home

Although it may not seem like it, a clean gutter will protect your home from severe damage and costly repairs. A gutters purpose it to collect access water from the roof and drain it away from the home. A gutter filled will grime and debris will cause these five main issues:

1. Water Damage: A clean and properly working gutter will keep water from entering into your home. When the water becomes blocked it can overflow; which can flood your foundation and reduce the soundness of your building. A clogged gutter can also cause roof leaks that will damage your ceilings, walls, insulation, and structure of your home. A clean gutter is protecting your home from unnecessary water damage and repairs.

2. Pest Infestations: When a gutter is filled with debris such as leaves, dirt, organic material, and standing water it attracts all sorts of unwanted pests. Birds, mice, rats, insects, and parasites can all find their homes in the muck of dirty gutters. Organic material left too long can start sprouting tree seedlings, fungi, and other plants. All these scenarios can cause serious problems to the homeowner and would result in needed repairs, pest control services, and expenses. This can easily be prevented by having your gutters annually cleaned by a professional power washing service.

3. Damaged and Flooded Landscape: When a gutter becomes overflowed with water and it’s unable to properly drain it, water can start leaking from the sides, or worse, damage the gutter, leaving large amounts of water to drain onto the lawn below. The excess water has the power to sweep away your flowers, plants, and any vegetation in its path. By having a clean gutter you are preventing this damage from happening and protecting your well-kept landscape.

4. Reduce Your Roof’s Lifespan: Water that is not able to drain properly from the roof into the gutters will cause still-standing water on your shingles. When winter and cold weather comes, the water that is leftover will freeze between your shingles; moving them apart and opening a way for roof leaks. Then the water that has room to move between the shingles will freeze again, causing access stress and weight on your roof. A clean gutter will properly remove all water from the roof, protecting your roof’s lifespan and durability.

5. Damage Your Gutter: Overall, the thing that will receive the most damage from being neglected is, in fact, your gutters. The added weight of the debris will cause the gutters to detach from the fascia boards. The standing water will cause the gutters to rust and weaken. Under these circumstances, you’ll need to replace your gutter sooner than you realized. To protect the lifespan of your gutters it’s important to have them annually power washed.

Have you neglected your gutters for too long and are worried about what they might do to your home? Worry not and call Peaks Peaks Pressure Washing today! We’ll be at your property in no time; properly washing away all accumulated dirt, debris, and grime in your gutters. Before you know it, your gutters will be spotless and properly draining water again.

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